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I finally convinced my friends to take me to go and see Deadpool at our local cinema. Being quite into Marvel and all that is related, I wanted to go and see it as soon as I saw the trailer – but who didn’t, I mean the trailer was pretty awesome.

The film is a 15, and I took my brother with me, who had to obviously lie about his age. They asked us for ID, but what 16 year old has ID? So they just asked me when my birthday was. Even though I knew, I still got scared I’d fuck up. I didn’t, and then we went through to our seats.

If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s about this man (played by Ryan Reynolds) who does “dirty work” for money. He is approached by a scientist/businessman who claims that he can unleash super powers that he has hidden away. It turns out that he is a fraudster who is wanting to make a type of human slave, but because of some miracle, Deadpool has powers; he is immortal. However, his body is all deformed due to oxygen lack, which means he can’t face the woman he has promised to marry. The film is about Deadpool going after the man who made him ugly for revenge.

The film was exactly as I was expecting, if not better. It was absolutely amazing. Ryan Reynolds played the part perfectly. I don’t usually like it when films break the 4th wall (between the film and the audience) but I feel like it worked really well in this film. The comedy was brilliant, and there were several moments where the whole cinema was laughing.

However, there were some very ‘sexy scenes’ as my brother and I call them, and they weren’t just your everyday sex-in-a-chick-flick scenes. Oh god no. There were fetishes all over the place, and even one delightful scene depicting pegging. Yeah, you read that right, pegging. Don’t google it, for the love of God.

All in all, I loved it, and will definitely need to buy it on DVD or beg Netflix to get it.