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Only today have I found out that WordPress have a different challenge each week, and so I decided I would give it a go. A new theme is announced every Tuesday, with today’s being ‘Witness’. (Pingback)


Everywhere you go, people are watching you. If you’re walking down the street, people may lock eyes with you, as you both go about your day. If you’re in class, someone might be looking at the back of your head, thinking about what you’re really like. When you write, or draw, or sing, dance, act, cry, laugh – there is usually someone around you. But you may not always know that the person is watching you.

Even as I write this now, my dog stares up at me from under the table. I have no idea if she understands what I’m doing, but she’s watching, intently, waiting for something perhaps.

As I sit on the bus home from school, and text a friend, chances are that someone nosy is reading what I’m sending. Even, this morning, my friend and I were laughing at a joke on Facebook, and as I turned my screen towards her, I saw a younger girl peer over at it.

This is just natural curiosity maybe, but my point is, that even if you’re walking through town with headphones in, acting like you’re in the music video, (which, admit it, we’ve all done) someone is probably watching you. You may know this, you may not give a damn, but all the same they’re watching.

Right now, you’re probably thinking something along the lines of ‘that is so creepy’ or ‘omg ew’ but, you do it to. Do you ever look at someone in assembly and think about their outlandish hairstyle, or see someone’s shoes at a party and say silently in your head ‘what are thooooose’?

We’re all that person. We are each other’s Witnesses.

When the word “witness” is said, my thought usually fall towards and accident, or a crime, and the idea of people who saw the events unfold being asked questions. Witnesses, it seems, are an integral part of life. Imagine walking down the street, and everyone is staring at the floor. No friendly smiles, no gleaming eyes, nothing. It would be weird right?

But it’s a mystery why our subconscious mind looks at other people. Do we compare ourselves to them? Do we question if our hair would look good like that? Do we just think, ‘he has a cute smile’?

I once read that all the faces you see in your dreams are the faces of people you’ve seen in the real world. Which is an unsettling thought, especially when you don’t recognise them. Your brain has seen the image of that person, and for some unbeknownst reason made their image resurface in your time of peace. Strange.

My mum’s just come into the kitchen to cook dinner. I can sense that she’s looking over my shoulder, to check if I’m working, or that I’m not being inappropriate. We all have reasons for watching other people: protection, curiosity, self image. Maybe all three, maybe something else.

What’s your reason, Witness?