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For most people, it would probably be the phone that they depend on the most. Yes, I take my phone literally everywhere I go, but I’d much rather have it stolen than my laptop.

Right now, you all probably think I’m mad, but hear me out – your phone has loads of stuff on it, phone numbers, games, photos etc. but it’s all replaceable. Especially if you back up your phone to your laptop (which I do, and strongly suggest you do to). The contact details can be found from other people, and you can download all the apps and games without having to repurchase anything. Depending on what phone and laptop you have, your laptop might even be worth more. Basically, everything on my phone is saved to my laptop, or easily replaced.

However, it is not the same the other way around. My laptop has photos from my old phones and cameras, and God only knows where they are. I have huge amounts of school work and revision on here, only a small fraction of which is on a USB. There are several programs I run on my laptop (Audacity, Spotify, Netflix) which would take much longer to reinstall than on a phone. Also, my laptop saves all my passwords for all the sites I visit, and without it’s memory I would never be able to log into anything ever again ever. My laptop also has a gazillion times the amount of music than my phone, and is home to a file from my old laptop full of webcam videos. Although I wouldn’t mind if they slipped into the void.

Without my laptop, I’d have a significantly smaller amount of revision resources, as I mostly use power point, and a load of my homework would be lost too. Blogging would be much harder; typing on my iPad mini is stupidly hard when writing more than a few words. My emails would take longer to read and respond to, and I wouldn’t be able to transfer any documents. Excel and Word etc. are also rubbish on iOS devices, so that would annoy me to.

All in all, I’d much rather lose my phone than laptop. Plus my laptop is blue which is awesome, and my sticker collection would be gone. That would be sad.