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Having a good view on yourself and a positive mental attitude is very important. But recently, I have noticed that most people judge themselves compared to others, or according to how others see them. There are many ways that people measure themselves, but whether this is a good thing or not depends greatly.

Personally, I try to avoid thinking about what others think of me and how they see me. I say try because obviously, it is difficult not to be knocked down by others, but their opinions don’t always matter. The amount of likes you get does not reflect your true personality. I tend to value my self worth on what I have recently accomplished – if I am successful in what I a doing, I will be happier with myself. But at the same time, it is important that I do not let my failures drag me down, but help me learn.

I wouldn’t say I measured myself against it, but when I tell a joke or make a funny comment and someone else laughs, it makes me feel good about myself – even if the joke is about me. However, there are people who feel the need to fish for compliments in order to feel good about themselves, which is not very healthy at all. Receiving compliments is lovely, but I would hate to make others feel bad simply to build myself up again.

However it is that you value your self worth, it is important to remember the effects that you are having on those around you, and that no matter what, you are fabulous!