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It’s been a while, but I’ve found a nice Discover Challenge to write about. You can find my other Discover challenges under the category. (pingback)


We are learning right from the second that we are born into the world. We have to learn how to do virtually everything, from going to the toilet and walking to more complex things, like reading and algebra. Every new situation that you are thrown at is a chance to learn something new. Learning is not always done in the conventional way in a classroom, staring at a white board, but can be done out in the real world too. I personally believe that learning is the best way to spend your time, because with learning comes great knowledge and expertise. Which, in turn, allows you to teach others.

Knowledge is valuable, and I therefore believe it is vital that we never stop learning. We may think we know it all, but there is always going to be someone out there who knows just a little bit more than you do.

Primary schools are often looked at as the easy stage, where the very basics are learnt. But without those basics, we couldn’t continue building on our skills to get to the complicated stuff. At each level of the schooling system, we should be pushed and challenged to learn everything we can. As interesting as micro technology is, the chances of me ever needing that information is slim. We haven’t learnt how to pay our taxes, or apply for a job in school, but we have others around us who can teach. Listening to your parents teach us might not be fun, but we can teach them stuff that they don’t know. I had to help my mother with her work printer the other day; she was trying to print an address onto an envelope but was just putting paper into the printer. She thought it was going to fold into an envelope shape. After telling my Dad this, he laughed with me and said that I shouldn’t moan about helping with technology, because he taught me how to use a spoon.

Each of us have the power to teach those around us, and it’s okay to be the learner and not the teacher.