I haven’t been blogging…

…and I’m sorry. Mostly to myself for not taking time to relax – exams are in 3 weeks. Just less actually. That, is a daunting statement. Quite frankly, I’ve been working my nerdy little bum off. Hence, why I haven’t been posting.

But, a few interesting things have recently occurred, and I am currently home alone and bored of staring at Mitochondria (which is the powerhouse of the cell, don’t you know) so I have grabbed my trusty blue laptop, my big-ass fluffy blanket and I’m sat down to type.

After this I shall be returning to the masses of paperwork, and shall probably attempt to draw cumulative frequency graphs until i cry myself to sleep. My heart goes out to all of you year 11s suffering with me.


Why I’d be lost without My Laptop


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For most people, it would probably be the phone that they depend on the most. Yes, I take my phone literally everywhere I go, but I’d much rather have it stolen than my laptop.

Right now, you all probably think I’m mad, but hear me out – your phone has loads of stuff on it, phone numbers, games, photos etc. but it’s all replaceable. Especially if you back up your phone to your laptop (which I do, and strongly suggest you do to). The contact details can be found from other people, and you can download all the apps and games without having to repurchase anything. Depending on what phone and laptop you have, your laptop might even be worth more. Basically, everything on my phone is saved to my laptop, or easily replaced.

However, it is not the same the other way around. My laptop has photos from my old phones and cameras, and God only knows where they are. I have huge amounts of school work and revision on here, only a small fraction of which is on a USB. There are several programs I run on my laptop (Audacity, Spotify, Netflix) which would take much longer to reinstall than on a phone. Also, my laptop saves all my passwords for all the sites I visit, and without it’s memory I would never be able to log into anything ever again ever. My laptop also has a gazillion times the amount of music than my phone, and is home to a file from my old laptop full of webcam videos. Although I wouldn’t mind if they slipped into the void.

Without my laptop, I’d have a significantly smaller amount of revision resources, as I mostly use power point, and a load of my homework would be lost too. Blogging would be much harder; typing on my iPad mini is stupidly hard when writing more than a few words. My emails would take longer to read and respond to, and I wouldn’t be able to transfer any documents. Excel and Word etc. are also rubbish on iOS devices, so that would annoy me to.

All in all, I’d much rather lose my phone than laptop. Plus my laptop is blue which is awesome, and my sticker collection would be gone. That would be sad.


Witness | Discover Challenge


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Only today have I found out that WordPress have a different challenge each week, and so I decided I would give it a go. A new theme is announced every Tuesday, with today’s being ‘Witness’. (Pingback)


Everywhere you go, people are watching you. If you’re walking down the street, people may lock eyes with you, as you both go about your day. If you’re in class, someone might be looking at the back of your head, thinking about what you’re really like. When you write, or draw, or sing, dance, act, cry, laugh – there is usually someone around you. But you may not always know that the person is watching you.

Even as I write this now, my dog stares up at me from under the table. I have no idea if she understands what I’m doing, but she’s watching, intently, waiting for something perhaps.

As I sit on the bus home from school, and text a friend, chances are that someone nosy is reading what I’m sending. Even, this morning, my friend and I were laughing at a joke on Facebook, and as I turned my screen towards her, I saw a younger girl peer over at it.

This is just natural curiosity maybe, but my point is, that even if you’re walking through town with headphones in, acting like you’re in the music video, (which, admit it, we’ve all done) someone is probably watching you. You may know this, you may not give a damn, but all the same they’re watching.

Right now, you’re probably thinking something along the lines of ‘that is so creepy’ or ‘omg ew’ but, you do it to. Do you ever look at someone in assembly and think about their outlandish hairstyle, or see someone’s shoes at a party and say silently in your head ‘what are thooooose’?

We’re all that person. We are each other’s Witnesses.

When the word “witness” is said, my thought usually fall towards and accident, or a crime, and the idea of people who saw the events unfold being asked questions. Witnesses, it seems, are an integral part of life. Imagine walking down the street, and everyone is staring at the floor. No friendly smiles, no gleaming eyes, nothing. It would be weird right?

But it’s a mystery why our subconscious mind looks at other people. Do we compare ourselves to them? Do we question if our hair would look good like that? Do we just think, ‘he has a cute smile’?

I once read that all the faces you see in your dreams are the faces of people you’ve seen in the real world. Which is an unsettling thought, especially when you don’t recognise them. Your brain has seen the image of that person, and for some unbeknownst reason made their image resurface in your time of peace. Strange.

My mum’s just come into the kitchen to cook dinner. I can sense that she’s looking over my shoulder, to check if I’m working, or that I’m not being inappropriate. We all have reasons for watching other people: protection, curiosity, self image. Maybe all three, maybe something else.

What’s your reason, Witness?



Rush Trampoline Park


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For my friend Bekah’s birthday, she took me and 3 others, Izzy, Lizzie and Gemma to Rush Trampoline Park in High Wycombe. It was a little over an hour away, but because we were all messing about in the car it didn’t feel that long at all.

Once there, we all had to fill out waiver forms, meaning that if we were to fall and injure ourselves we couldn’t sue them or take them to court. We got given really sticky socks, which we put on, and then we bounced.

The entire floor was made up of trampolines. Our favourites were the long thin strips, because they were easy to cartwheel and handspring along. We also jumped off platoforms onto the trampolines.

There was also a huge foam pit, with trampolines or huge platforms running into it. We all took it in turns to run off various trampolines into different moves to land in the foam pit – which, is surprisingly hard to get out of. Gemma lost her sock in there once, and sent Lizzie in after it.

There was also a battle podium, where two people stand opposite each other and aim to hit the other person off the beam into a foam pit, using giant soft battalion thingys. The last thing we did before we left was use the slam dunk hoops, where you could take a ball, bounce on the trampolines, and slam dunk.

View their website here: RUSH UK


Last Post: Rutherford Appleton Laboratory

Rutherford Appleton Laboratory


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Yesterday I visited Rutherford Appleton Laboratory with my school, and had to write a report on it for the newsletter. Instead of writing a new blog post about it, I’m just going to insert it here 😉

“On Wednesday 9th March, 12 Year 11 students visited Rutherford Appleton Laboratory to participate in the ‘Science in your Future’ event. The day began with an introduction to the site, and background information about the science that goes on there on a day-to-day basis. Firstly, they went to see the Diamond, a particle accelerator made up of 48 individual straights and bends. Each bend has a mirror, which accelerates electrons to nearly the speed of light, producing x-ray light. 27 of the bends house different types of scientific research and experiments. They were able to walk along the top of the synchrotron, along the path of the electrons, but safely above a thick concrete wall.

The second workshop was technology based, with 5 different stations. At each stations, the girls had to work out what the technology could be used for, how it worked and how it could be adapted to work in different ways.

Then they had a lunch break and the careers fair, where a collection of scientists and engineers spoke to them about potential careers and futures in the STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) world.

The third workshop was about Health and Safety, and mostly was around radioactivity, and radio waves. They spoke about how scientists can aid investigations, like following peroxide trails because the half-life is long enough for it to be traced after the crime.


My model of buckminsterfullerene

The last workshop was about diffraction, where lasers were shone through a diffraction grating onto a wall, the distances were measured, and calculations were carried out to work out the size of the diffraction grating. They also built molecular ball and stick models of diamond, graphite and buckminsterfullerene. They discussed the properties of each, and how they differed.”


March Playlist


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By now you should all know that every month I compile a list of 10 songs that I’ve been listening to. If you haven’t seen the previous ones, there is a link near the top of my site called ‘Music’ – or you can simply click on the category called ‘Monthly Playlists’.

Just one yesterday Fall Out Boy (Music video)

Baiya Delphic (Music Video)

Hymn for the Weekend / Coldplay (Music Video)

White Tiger Izzy Bizu (Music Video)

If only I could Brooks (Music Video)

Me, Myself and IG-Eazy x Bebe Rexha (Music Video)

Dangerous (ft. Sam Martin) David Guetta – Tom Budin Remix (Music Video)

Make out Rixton (Music Video)

Scooby doo Leader (Live Performance)

The Sun Also Rises Delphic (Live Performance)

What’s on my iPhone?


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I’ve seen this done in videos before, but I though it would be different to do it in a blog post, and show you all some screenshots of my favourite apps!


Pre-loaded software – the stuff nobody likes or even uses. I’ve heard there’s some kind of hack you can use to delete them, but as I am yet to attempt that, they’re on my phone.

Natwest Mobile Banking – not really a fun one to start with, and obviously no screenshots because I don’t want anyone stealing my 3p. It tracks cash inflows and outflows, lets me make payments, find a bank near me and has a 5-digit pin system, to stay private.


7 Cups – this app is beautiful. The aesthetics are really lovely and calming, which suits the app perfectly. It’s helpful for anxiety relief, stress relief, and all sorts of mindfulness issues. Pre-loaded with daily tasks to stay positive and even guided meditations. It also can connect you to special chat leaders, who can help you with any problems you might be having.

Eve – if you’re a boy this won’t interest you much. Eve tracks your periods. You simply input when you start and finish, and it sends you notifications when you’re due next. It also has a huge forum where you can ask questions, or answer others. It comes with 2 daily fun quizzes, and a ‘cycle scope’ that tells you about fertility etc.



Instagram – need I say more? An app that lets me share pictures of anything I fancy. If you want to see those photos, I’m a few clicks away… @ellzyyy_

Spotify – Working without premium, I only really use this app as a throwback to all my aged playlists. The app lets you listen to nearly any song you want for free. It syncs up with my laptop though, which I love.

tumblr – I don’t use it very often, but I do like to look through my feed once in a while. A platform for sharing anything, from music to quotes, to pictures or voice recordings. Find me @ellzy-bitch (thanks to Fria for that name)

Facebook – allows me to stalk people without them knowing, and to see my grandad’s jokes on a daily basis. Also, my mum’s friends daughters dog ate a bidscuit off the counter. Thanks facebook!

Facebook Messenger – because not everyone has iMessage 😉

Snapchat – a photo sending service that supposedly erases your photo after 10 seconds, however there are rumours that all of your cheeky nudes are saved in some database in America.

Twitter – the mothership. Allows me to keep up to date with all of my favourite YouTubers/Celebs, and to see what’s trending. Also a moshpit of vines.

YouTube – I hardly ever use it on my phone, but it’s just incase. You never know when you’re gonna HAVE to watch that minecraft parkour video.

Layout – for instagram. Puts several of my photos into pretty shapes and posts straight to insta for me.

Psych! – a game much like boulderdash that unfortunately requires a few friends who also have the game downloaded.

FaceSwapLive – that trend that happened. Takes a picture of two people and swaps their faces.

Show my Homework – my school can now send homework to my phone. How lucky I am. It shows what the task is, the due date, and attaches any resources I might need.

Peak – daily brain training. Gives you a workout of different brain games everyday that excersize your key skills. Really love this one.

Deadpool | Film Review


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I finally convinced my friends to take me to go and see Deadpool at our local cinema. Being quite into Marvel and all that is related, I wanted to go and see it as soon as I saw the trailer – but who didn’t, I mean the trailer was pretty awesome.

The film is a 15, and I took my brother with me, who had to obviously lie about his age. They asked us for ID, but what 16 year old has ID? So they just asked me when my birthday was. Even though I knew, I still got scared I’d fuck up. I didn’t, and then we went through to our seats.

If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s about this man (played by Ryan Reynolds) who does “dirty work” for money. He is approached by a scientist/businessman who claims that he can unleash super powers that he has hidden away. It turns out that he is a fraudster who is wanting to make a type of human slave, but because of some miracle, Deadpool has powers; he is immortal. However, his body is all deformed due to oxygen lack, which means he can’t face the woman he has promised to marry. The film is about Deadpool going after the man who made him ugly for revenge.

The film was exactly as I was expecting, if not better. It was absolutely amazing. Ryan Reynolds played the part perfectly. I don’t usually like it when films break the 4th wall (between the film and the audience) but I feel like it worked really well in this film. The comedy was brilliant, and there were several moments where the whole cinema was laughing.

However, there were some very ‘sexy scenes’ as my brother and I call them, and they weren’t just your everyday sex-in-a-chick-flick scenes. Oh god no. There were fetishes all over the place, and even one delightful scene depicting pegging. Yeah, you read that right, pegging. Don’t google it, for the love of God.

All in all, I loved it, and will definitely need to buy it on DVD or beg Netflix to get it.


The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien


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As I may or may not have mentioned before, The Hobbit is my all time favourite book, no questions asked. It’s the prequel for the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, which I shamefully have not read, nor own. I definitely need to read them whenever I get some time to myself.

The first time I came across The Hobbit was a completely random moment. I was camping (either at the Forest of Dean or the New Forest) with my family, and at the main entrance there was an information hut. Outside of the hut was a few shelves of books, and they operated a ‘take one, leave one’ policy. I can’t remember if I actually did leave anything behind, but I picked up a copy of The Hobbit. It was a pretty battered edition, the one to mark the 50th anniversary, and had a picture of Smaug on the cover. The spine was badly cracked and since then, the book has become even more worn, as I’ve read it several times.

At the time, I only read the first couple of chapters, but struggled to get into the book and continue to read on. Still, I took the book home with me and probably just shelved it for a few years. When I finally managed to read it for the first time, I enjoyed it. I didn’t think it was anything amazing, but by the time I had read it again I was in love with it.

Last Christmas I was given a newer, hardback copy of the book. The edition is based on the edition published in 1995 with an excerpted preface from the 1987 edition that I originally had. As much I loved my first copy of the book, there’s something about a hardback book that feels so much nicer to read. I remember when I was on holiday in Wales with Bekah and her family, I woke up early one morning, and took my book out on the balcony, and sat in the fresh morning air and read.

Early 1900’s Arcade


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On Monday, my mother took my brother and I to a living history museum called Milestones. The three of us have been to Blists Hill, a similar, but very much larger and better living history museum. However, one thing that Milestones  has and Blists Hill doesn’t is an arcade.

At the entrance to the arcade, there were coin changing machines, where you could buy 10 ‘Big Old Pennies’ for £1. Each machine takes one or too ‘Big Old Pennies’ and they all did different types of things.

The first one I went to was an x-ray machine, and after pushing my penny into the top, a small light flashed on the front of the box, and a small tray pushed out a little card with my so-called x-ray on it. From the look of it, it could tell that I was female, but it didn’t really look like me. I’m not sure what I was expecting really, seeing as it only cost me 10p.

I then tried a ‘Which special someone should you look for?’ machine, which was supposed to tell me what my perfect romantic partner would look like. I pushed my penny in, and a draw pushed out another little card, which depicted a golf player, with a cap and a bag of clubs. At least it was male.

I also tried a palm reading machine – this was definitely one of my favourites. I pushed my penny into the machine, and placed my hand onto the machine. Little round pins pushed up into my hand and felt the shape of my palm. It then pushed out a card, that read what my hand denotes: ‘Your hand denotes a firm and determined character…” It also had a hand map on the reverse.

My top favourite machine was one of those gypsy-style booths, where she supposedly predicts your future and gives you a card. It was a little disturbing how accurate it was for me, and both my brother and mother.

As well as these four machines, there were also several other machines, like shooting games, ball spinning games and my other favourite – it has a big tube up the middle and a few ping pong balls. There were two red metal catchers. It cost 2 pennies to play, and the balls were blown in the air. The player who caught the most won their penny back.

Below are the pictures of my arcade cards, and some other pictures of round the museum. Half of the museum was Early 1900’s (where the arcade was, although some of the machines weren’t that old) and half was 1930’s.