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It’s been a while, but I’ve found a nice Discover Challenge to write about. You can find my other Discover challenges under the category. (pingback)


We are learning right from the second that we are born into the world. We have to learn how to do virtually everything, from going to the toilet and walking to more complex things, like reading and algebra. Every new situation that you are thrown at is a chance to learn something new. Learning is not always done in the conventional way in a classroom, staring at a white board, but can be done out in the real world too. I personally believe that learning is the best way to spend your time, because with learning comes great knowledge and expertise. Which, in turn, allows you to teach others.

Knowledge is valuable, and I therefore believe it is vital that we never stop learning. We may think we know it all, but there is always going to be someone out there who knows just a little bit more than you do.

Primary schools are often looked at as the easy stage, where the very basics are learnt. But without those basics, we couldn’t continue building on our skills to get to the complicated stuff. At each level of the schooling system, we should be pushed and challenged to learn everything we can. As interesting as micro technology is, the chances of me ever needing that information is slim. We haven’t learnt how to pay our taxes, or apply for a job in school, but we have others around us who can teach. Listening to your parents teach us might not be fun, but we can teach them stuff that they don’t know. I had to help my mother with her work printer the other day; she was trying to print an address onto an envelope but was just putting paper into the printer. She thought it was going to fold into an envelope shape. After telling my Dad this, he laughed with me and said that I shouldn’t moan about helping with technology, because he taught me how to use a spoon.

Each of us have the power to teach those around us, and it’s okay to be the learner and not the teacher.


July Playlist


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i hate u, i love u (ft. olivia o’brien) gnash

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Contraceptive Implant (Nexplanon)


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I know it sounds horrible, but getting the contraceptive implant was one of the best decisions I’ve made. For those of you who aren’t familiar, the Nexplanon Implant is a tiny little tube that is inserted on the underside of your upper arm. It’s about the size of a small matchstick, and is invisible – but it can be felt if the arm is squeezed. It releases Etonogestrel (a progestogen) into the bloodstream which prevents a woman from becoming pregnant.

How to get one

When I began thinking about which contraceptives to use, I thought about all of the criteria that I wanted – long term vs short term, can it be stopped immediately, side effects etc. I discovered the implant, and researched into it a lot. I then made an appointment with a contraception nurse at my local doctors. I met with her and we talked about my needs and she decided that the implant was the way to go forward. She booked me in for an appointment in a weeks time.

Getting it inserted

This is the bit I wasn’t looking forward to. I am not good with needles, so the worst part for me was when she used some local anaesthetic to numb my arm. I then looked away as she made a small incision in my arm and pushed in a large tube which delivered the implant to my arm. Whilst it didn’t hurt, I could feel her putting it in, and it was uncomfortable at most. She cleaned it up and put a dressing on it that had to be left on for a few days. It was not as bad as I thought it was going to be.

How has it worked for me?

Well, I’m not pregnant. Which I at least would expect as the implant is over 99.9% effective. I had seen a couple of horror stories online about women that had a constant period after insertion, and women that periods got worse, but thank God, mine got so much better, since having the implant back in February, I haven’t had a full period – I just get light spotting for 2-3 days a month. I still get period cramps around this time but they are more manageable. Migraines that I used to associate with my period have stopped also. The scar from insertion is absolutely tiny, about 2mm in diameter – which means people don’t know you have it unless you want them to.

Would I recommend it?

100% yes! It has worked a treat for me, but remember that each person is different and may react to it differently. A bonus for me was that the implant lasts three years, so unless you have plans for the next few years, you’re gucci. The implant can be removed anytime after 3 or so months, and you can have another fitted if you want one.

I hope this was helpful to anyone thinking about getting one, make sure you look into it and research lots before you decide to do it!

May Playlist


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Ayyyyy another playist! I missed last month, but I’m back again. There’s not much new music I’m listening to at the minute, but I’ve compiled a small list. If you haven’t seen the previous playlists you can find them here.

Cheap thrills (ft. Sean Paul) Sia (Lyric Video)

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Goes Off (ft. Mista Silva) KSI (Thank-you video)

Criticize Alexander O’Neal (Music Video) ❤

Best Song Ever One Direction (Music Video)

Top Boy (ft. P Money) Blacks (Audio)

Flow of the year (ft. JME) Kano (Music Video)

How do we measure self worth?


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Having a good view on yourself and a positive mental attitude is very important. But recently, I have noticed that most people judge themselves compared to others, or according to how others see them. There are many ways that people measure themselves, but whether this is a good thing or not depends greatly.

Personally, I try to avoid thinking about what others think of me and how they see me. I say try because obviously, it is difficult not to be knocked down by others, but their opinions don’t always matter. The amount of likes you get does not reflect your true personality. I tend to value my self worth on what I have recently accomplished – if I am successful in what I a doing, I will be happier with myself. But at the same time, it is important that I do not let my failures drag me down, but help me learn.

I wouldn’t say I measured myself against it, but when I tell a joke or make a funny comment and someone else laughs, it makes me feel good about myself – even if the joke is about me. However, there are people who feel the need to fish for compliments in order to feel good about themselves, which is not very healthy at all. Receiving compliments is lovely, but I would hate to make others feel bad simply to build myself up again.

However it is that you value your self worth, it is important to remember the effects that you are having on those around you, and that no matter what, you are fabulous!

Obstacles | Discover Challenge


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Another Discover Challenge post because my last one went down really well with readers! Hopefully I’ll do these more often in the future! (pingback)


Obstacles can mean different things to different people. Google defines an obstacle as “a thing that blocks one’s way or prevents or hinders progress” – which I interpret not only as a physical blockage, but also a mental obstacle.

In my life, I feel that I am both lucky and unlucky that I have not been faced with a major obstacle that I had to work around. I feel lucky because to an extent, it must have made my life easier, even if I hadn’t acknowledged it. On the other hand, I feel unlucky about this situation too. I feel that when overcoming an obstacle, you learn things – whether that be about life, or simply the situation. Without an obstacle in my life, it could be seen that I have been denied a learning opportunity – and for someone who values knowledge as one of the world’s greatest assets, this is clearly less than ideal. Although, probability suggests that because I am only 16 years old, my obstacle will come later in life, at a time where I possess more knowledge.

Due to aforementioned reasons, I personally believe that obstacles are a positive thing that can happen to you, even if they’re completely tiny or massive. I try to adopt the view that everything can be learnt from, and obstacles are a major part of that. Take a minute to think about what obstacles have faced you, and how you overcame them. What did you learn? How did it change you or your perspective?

Convoy For Heroes 2016


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I can almost guarantee that you have never heard of Convoy For Heroes. But, you will have heard of Help For Heroes and you will have heard of Land Rovers. Convoy is basically a convoy (yeah I know, how didn’t you see that coming?) of Land Rovers, with the aim of raising money for Help for Heroes.

We hold one every year, and I have attended every single one from 2011, but wasn’t on the Event Team until 2012. It’s usually held over Easter weekend, but this year was on St. George’s Day.

The main convoy is on the Sunday, and everyone competes for the best bonnet decoIMG_4289ration and the best use of flags on the vehicle.

As a special bonus this year, I got to ride in my truck – yes, my truck. I can’t actually drive yet so a friend of my Dad’s drove it 🙂 It’s a green Defender 90, and her name is Miss Money Penny. I cannot wait to drive her myself!

Since 2011, we’ve made thousands of pounds for H4H and are a recognised charity – members from their team visit us each year. One year we made over £14,000.

Hopefully the event will continue next year (it’s currently being carefully thought about by the directors) so I can drive my own truck in the convoy! If any of you lot own a Landy, I suggest you take a look at the Convoy4Heroes website or facebook page 😉


I haven’t been blogging…

…and I’m sorry. Mostly to myself for not taking time to relax – exams are in 3 weeks. Just less actually. That, is a daunting statement. Quite frankly, I’ve been working my nerdy little bum off. Hence, why I haven’t been posting.

But, a few interesting things have recently occurred, and I am currently home alone and bored of staring at Mitochondria (which is the powerhouse of the cell, don’t you know) so I have grabbed my trusty blue laptop, my big-ass fluffy blanket and I’m sat down to type.

After this I shall be returning to the masses of paperwork, and shall probably attempt to draw cumulative frequency graphs until i cry myself to sleep. My heart goes out to all of you year 11s suffering with me.

Why I’d be lost without My Laptop


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For most people, it would probably be the phone that they depend on the most. Yes, I take my phone literally everywhere I go, but I’d much rather have it stolen than my laptop.

Right now, you all probably think I’m mad, but hear me out – your phone has loads of stuff on it, phone numbers, games, photos etc. but it’s all replaceable. Especially if you back up your phone to your laptop (which I do, and strongly suggest you do to). The contact details can be found from other people, and you can download all the apps and games without having to repurchase anything. Depending on what phone and laptop you have, your laptop might even be worth more. Basically, everything on my phone is saved to my laptop, or easily replaced.

However, it is not the same the other way around. My laptop has photos from my old phones and cameras, and God only knows where they are. I have huge amounts of school work and revision on here, only a small fraction of which is on a USB. There are several programs I run on my laptop (Audacity, Spotify, Netflix) which would take much longer to reinstall than on a phone. Also, my laptop saves all my passwords for all the sites I visit, and without it’s memory I would never be able to log into anything ever again ever. My laptop also has a gazillion times the amount of music than my phone, and is home to a file from my old laptop full of webcam videos. Although I wouldn’t mind if they slipped into the void.

Without my laptop, I’d have a significantly smaller amount of revision resources, as I mostly use power point, and a load of my homework would be lost too. Blogging would be much harder; typing on my iPad mini is stupidly hard when writing more than a few words. My emails would take longer to read and respond to, and I wouldn’t be able to transfer any documents. Excel and Word etc. are also rubbish on iOS devices, so that would annoy me to.

All in all, I’d much rather lose my phone than laptop. Plus my laptop is blue which is awesome, and my sticker collection would be gone. That would be sad.


Witness | Discover Challenge


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Only today have I found out that WordPress have a different challenge each week, and so I decided I would give it a go. A new theme is announced every Tuesday, with today’s being ‘Witness’. (Pingback)


Everywhere you go, people are watching you. If you’re walking down the street, people may lock eyes with you, as you both go about your day. If you’re in class, someone might be looking at the back of your head, thinking about what you’re really like. When you write, or draw, or sing, dance, act, cry, laugh – there is usually someone around you. But you may not always know that the person is watching you.

Even as I write this now, my dog stares up at me from under the table. I have no idea if she understands what I’m doing, but she’s watching, intently, waiting for something perhaps.

As I sit on the bus home from school, and text a friend, chances are that someone nosy is reading what I’m sending. Even, this morning, my friend and I were laughing at a joke on Facebook, and as I turned my screen towards her, I saw a younger girl peer over at it.

This is just natural curiosity maybe, but my point is, that even if you’re walking through town with headphones in, acting like you’re in the music video, (which, admit it, we’ve all done) someone is probably watching you. You may know this, you may not give a damn, but all the same they’re watching.

Right now, you’re probably thinking something along the lines of ‘that is so creepy’ or ‘omg ew’ but, you do it to. Do you ever look at someone in assembly and think about their outlandish hairstyle, or see someone’s shoes at a party and say silently in your head ‘what are thooooose’?

We’re all that person. We are each other’s Witnesses.

When the word “witness” is said, my thought usually fall towards and accident, or a crime, and the idea of people who saw the events unfold being asked questions. Witnesses, it seems, are an integral part of life. Imagine walking down the street, and everyone is staring at the floor. No friendly smiles, no gleaming eyes, nothing. It would be weird right?

But it’s a mystery why our subconscious mind looks at other people. Do we compare ourselves to them? Do we question if our hair would look good like that? Do we just think, ‘he has a cute smile’?

I once read that all the faces you see in your dreams are the faces of people you’ve seen in the real world. Which is an unsettling thought, especially when you don’t recognise them. Your brain has seen the image of that person, and for some unbeknownst reason made their image resurface in your time of peace. Strange.

My mum’s just come into the kitchen to cook dinner. I can sense that she’s looking over my shoulder, to check if I’m working, or that I’m not being inappropriate. We all have reasons for watching other people: protection, curiosity, self image. Maybe all three, maybe something else.

What’s your reason, Witness?